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Cambridge Learning Partner

World Solutions Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd. collaborates with Cambridge University Press & Assessment to open its first Cambridge Learning centre in Hisar

With an objective to improve language teaching and assessment for IELTS coaching and enhance classroom learning experience for IELTS aspirants across Hisar, WORLD SOLUTIONS Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd. collaborates with Cambridge University Press & Assessment to open its first Cambridge Learning Centre in Hisar, Haryana. This partnership envisions a collaborative approach that is scientifically designed through outcome- based study materials and training tools to the IELTS aspirants. 

Commenting on the signing of MoU, Arunachalam TK, Regional Director, South Asia, Cambridge English, said, “We aim to create a conducive atmosphere of learning and unlock the true potential of students in different areas. We endeavour to develop young minds by offering them the best options to help make learning new concepts and techniques easier. Cambridge brings a wealth of pedagogic expertise, advanced digital learning solutions, and immense opportunities. These will help us fill gaps between the demand and actual supply for key work- related skills, thus increasing corporate and social opportunities for students and helping them achieve greater successes.”


Commenting on the launch, Vijay Balakrishnan, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, South Asia, said India is the largest market in the world for IELTS test takers. Every year over a million aspirants take the IELTS test in India, the world’s leading English test for study, work, and migration. This milestone comes against the backdrop of Indians increasingly reviving their plans for international travel, migration, and study. IELTS Test takers in Hissar now have the unique opportunity to access best-in-class official learning materials and aspire for their desired band scores. Cambridge Partner Learning Centers have been conceptualized and positioned as a top choice for students seeking quality IELTS training services.”

Cambridge Partner Learning Centers have been conceptualized and positioned as a top choice for students seeking quality IELTS training services.

Raj Kumar,Founder & CEO,World Solutions study abroad Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are delighted to announce our new collaboration with Cambridge, the esteemed language learning provider. Our students will benefit greatly from their guidance, training, and resources as they aim to pass their IELTS exams and pursue higher education or career opportunities abroad. We take our commitment to helping our students reach their language proficiency goals and reach their full potential seriously, and believe this partnership has the potential to be mutually beneficial. We have no doubt that we will be able to bring great successes and accomplishments to our students and our partnership. We are excited to be working with Cambridge and are confident that our students will reap the rewards of this partnership. We eagerly anticipate all the accomplishments that this collaboration will bring.”

Yash Singh,External Director,World Solutions study abroad Pvt. Ltd., said, “English language proficiency is an essential part of our increasingly globalized world, and we are proud to announce our new partnership with Cambridge, the leader in language learning.By joining forces, we have made it possible for our students to receive the best possible guidance, training, and materials to prepare them to take the IELTS exam and pursue higher education or career opportunities abroad. Our partnership with Cambridge is a long-term commitment to developing our students’ language proficiency and helping them achieve their full potential. We are confident that this collaboration will be beneficial to both parties, creating an environment of success for our students and further promoting Cambridge’s renowned academic excellence. We look forward to our partnership and the great successes it will bring. Together, we will strive to create an environment of success for our students, and we look forward to seeing the great accomplishments that our students and our partnership will bring.”

The study material offered by Cambridge is prepared by the University of Cambridge, is internationally recognised and curated by Cambridge English experts. The ELT publishing is research-lead, using materials such as the Cambridge English Corpus and English Profile, which gives a unique insight into the way the English language is used by native speakers and crucially, the difficulties experienced by learners of English, so the best teaching and learning resources can be developed.

About Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Cambridge University Press & Assessment unlocks the potential of millions of people worldwide. 
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About Cambridge Learning Partner

Cambridge Learning Partner (CLP) is a unique program launched by Cambridge South Asia, inviting partners 
to offer IELTS Preparation in association with Cambridge University Press & Assessment. 
The CLP program aims to deliver world class competitive learning and preparatory experience for all IELTS 
aspirants by providing a best-in-class infrastructure through official IELTS preparatory materials, trained & 
qualified teachers, the latest pedagogy, and much more.